There are several factors that an excellent host must overlook in order to execute to an exceptional event-this includes lighting and decor. Illuminated Company provides decorative customized pieces of LED furniture for corporate and personal events. Our vision is to provide a modern and sleek touch that dazzles your guests. We aim to provide both an exceptional product and exceptional service to each client, irrespective of how big or small the event may be.

We also provide event staffing including: serving staff, cleaning crews, bartenders and event coordinators.Illuminated provides you with the most experienced and qualified staff for your events. Our bartenders and servers have years of experience in hospitality and fine-dining. We hold strong customer-centric values, our team focuses on remaining confident, knowledgable, passionate, and flexible to all types of atmospheres. Along with each set of staff members, we send an additional member from our management department to do check-ins throughout the event and provide any alterations or fulfill any other needs if need be. Our end goal is to make it an effortless experience that is customized to each client's  needs and wants. 

Our team aims to be easily accessible at all times and provide an effortless experience for all our clients. With years of experience in the hospitality and decor industry, our team is passionate about bringing all your LED decor and staffing visions to life. 


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